Three Pines

THE HANGMAN - grade 3 level novella

A brand new novella, with Chief Inspector Gamache and set in Three Pines, is now available through the publishers, Grass Roots Press. It's written as part of a programme called GoodReads Canada, which was created by national literacy organizations to publish books aimed at emerging adult readers. So, THE HANGMAN is written at a grade 3 level, for adults. Very clear, very simple. Not really the most complex plot or style, for obvious reasons.

If you're interested you can ask your local bookstore to order it, or go directly to Grass Roots Press. It's also available on Amazon.caand ibooks

Each One Teach One - the motto of the Yamaska Literacy Council

I have the very great honour of being the Patron for the Yamaska Literacy Council. Before getting involved I had no idea that:

  • 42 percent of adult Canadians have low literacy skills
  • Criminals have three times more problems with reading and writing than the general population
  • Canadians classified as having the worst health are also those with the lowest literacy skills
  • There's a direct link between poverty, unemployment, illness and illiteracy.
  • 34 percent of adults in the Brome-Missisquoi area of Quebec, served by the Yamaska Literacy Council, have great difficulty reading - and in all 65 percent were below the basic skill level (according to the latest, 1997, International Adult Literacy Survey)
    65 percent!

Those of us fortunate enough to be able to read and write can help. We can donate to our local literacy groups, and/or we can become a tutor.

Please find out what you can do to help. In Canada I urge you to contact,

And if you live in the Brome-Missisquoi region please email the YLC at: their web address is:

ProLiteracy Worldwide champions the life-changing benefits of literacy for adults and their families.
ProLiteracy Worldwide is a nonprofit international literacy organization based in Syracuse, NY, that was formed by the 2002 merger of Laubach Literacy International and Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc. ProLiteracy Worldwide is the oldest and largest nongovernmental literacy organization in the world. It achieves its mission, championing the life-changing benefits of literacy for adults and their families, by sponsoring educational programs that help adults and their families acquire the literacy practices and skills they need to function more effectively in their daily lives.
ProLiteracy’s International Programs Division builds on work begun more than 70 years ago in the Philippines. In 65 developing countries around the world, thousands of adult learners are improving conditions for their families and their communities through ProLiteracy’s 125 grassroots partner programs. ProLiteracy uses its unique methodology to provide training, technical assistance, and targeted local grants to support tailored programs that combine literacy with economic self-reliance, health, education, peace, human rights, and environmental sustainability projects.
ProLiteracy America, the U.S. Programs Division of ProLiteracy Worldwide, represents 1,200 community-based volunteer and adult basic education members in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. ProLiteracy America provides accreditation, advocacy, and technical assistance as well as program and professional development services. In addition, its members benefit from an annual conference and a menu of regional trainings.
New Readers Press, ProLiteracy’s publishing house, generates $8 million in revenue annually. Proceeds from the sale of its materials support ProLiteracy’s work throughout the U.S. and the world. News for You, a New Readers Press weekly newspaper written in plain English, is read by new learners Worldwide.

There are literacy organizations worldwide doing amazing work. Please help.

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